Reset Canon Pixma MP140 and Canon MP145

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I see two methode to Reset waste ink counter Canon Pixma MP140 or MP145. Manual reset and using software resetter. Reset manual procedure like resetting Resetting Canon MP150. Whereas software resetter for Canon Pixma MP140 and Canon MP145 you can using MPtool Software. to download the software open this link


Anonymous said...

how reset cannon pixma mp 140?

Anonymous said...

Tried above method,cartidges not detactcs & printer goes off lines while printing,pl give solution

Anonymous said...

estoy en la misma q vos !!!!!! me da un error 22 o 5100 error de servicio

Anonymous said...

After trying to reset ink level on my MP140 I have E3
Please Help :(

dianie said...

help me please! only E5 on MP140 after ink refil

Anonymous said...

try this method for manual reset MP145.

1. turn off printer

2. with printer connected to a power source, press and hold both power and reset button for approx 10 sec

3. release reset button but do not release power button yet

4. press reset button 2x then release power button

5. wait for printer to power up

6. on powering up you should see 0 on the led screen (if not, RESTART!)

7. press reset button 4x

8. press power button 3x and wait for printer to power off

9. press power to turn on printer

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