Resetter Printer Canon MP198 & MP250 [Tutorial]


Service tutorial for canon printer MP198 and also can be applied on Canon MP250 series. This tutorial can be used to repair Error E27on the printer. Canon Pixma MP198 and MP250 serias is multifunction printer that features with scanner besides printing features. It also can be used as photocopy functions.

I got this tutorial from various source on the internet. The reset methods method worked on Canon MP198 also on MP250 series.

Here the tutorial Manual Reset for Canon MP198

  1. Start with printer OFF
  2. Hold down STOP/RESET and then hold down POWER
  3. Release STOP/RESET (don’t let go of the power just yet)
  4. press RESUME twice, then release POWER
  5. let green light blink until printhead has finished moving.

Reset Canon MP198 Using Service Tool/Software Resetter

  • Download the software resetter. You can download the software on this link
  • Extract the zip file downloaded and run the application (ServiceTool_V1074.exe). The software should detect your printer.
  • Click on MAIN button. The printer will printing a page with text “D=000.0 Ps=000.0”.
  • Click “EEPROM Clear” button then click “EEPROM”. The printer will print again a page with text “TPAGE(TTL=00000 COPY=00000)”
  • Turn off the printer, done.

The printer will work normal again. If the link above broken you can use following link to download the software resetter. Download now

6 Responses to Resetter Printer Canon MP198 & MP250 [Tutorial]

thank you for your posting... it's very useful for me... now i can use my printer again...

good day!

i have an mp198, ive dismantled i cant put it back the way it was...

i have all the parts, could u help me putting them back together?


thank you very much, I just download the software and try it.

thanks a lot for!! after 5 hours of trying to fix e27 on my canon mp198, i finally succeed.. the manual way doesn't work alone either the resetter alone.i used both.

ayaw na po mg feed ang printer k k anu po kyang problema? klangan po bang i reset lang ang printer k? pls. help...

boss, pano naman kung naka ilaw lang ang alarm, pag plug mo pa lang sa outlet naka ilaw na sya, di mo man lang ma on ang printer....