Resetter Canon ip2770

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A few days ago there a friend sends to me download links for Resetter Canon ip2770. The software original software resetter of Canon ip2770 but it’s does not work on my computer.

He asked for help to finding someone who can crack this software. If you can crack this software or want to try it, you can download the Resetter Canon ip2770 on the following link:


Anonymous said...

another way to reset ip 2770 please visit

Anonymous said...

..not working..incomplete info...program not responding when you are going to click main...huhuhu

what a crap!!!!

bs04c said...

please allow me to share a very useful canon reseter

Anonymous said...

Try here...

its work for me!

roy said...

As what i had learn, you can't reset the canon ip2770 if you do not reset the printer manually.. you net to reset it using this step..
-unplug your printer
-long press the ON/OFF Button and plug the printer, and press the resume button twice, then release the the ON/OFF Button, and wait until your printer will stop reading the cartridge. then unplug the printer again then plug then press ON. after that, reset the printer using the software.

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