Reset Waste Ink Counter Canon MP150, MP160, MP170 and MP180

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To Reset Waste Ink Counter Canon MP150, MP160, MP170 and MP180, besides using manual reset, there is a way of easier that is using software resetter. Excess use software resetter when resetting Canon MP150, MP160, MP170 and MP180 printer, that is process to reset easier and quicker. Software can be used to reset Canon Pixma MP150, MP160, MP170 and MP180 is MPTOOL software (Download here).

Procedure reset waste ink counter in the printer Canon Pixma MP150, MP160, MP170 and MP180, can follow these steps :

  • Before doing reset, ascertaining printer driver have been installed in computer truly and all cables have been attached.
  • Turn on the printer the run MPTool software. This software will detect automatically the printer. If you install printer truly, hence printer will appear in MPTool windows.
  • Click Reset Platen and Reset Plate button in the waste ink counter section, this process to reset waste ink counter in the printers Canon MP150, MP160, MP170 and MP180 to zero.
  • After all process finish,Turn off printer and turn on again.

If you wish to conduct reset manual, the procedure can read here.


Anonymous said...

I have got a mp170 printer. When the printer is on, I run the MpTool software, but when it tries to detect it automatically the process seems to be crash. While if I turn off the printer the process starts but I can't use the software the same cause an error. I think the printer must be set in a specific mode. Could someone help me? Italian would be better than italian, thanks

Anonymous said...


I found an working procedure (METHOD1) to reset ink level for Canon MP150!
Maybe it working on MP170 too....

Jump here, and try to use METHOD1 !!! (I do not recommend method2-MPTOOL.)
This is an SAFE procedure, do not harm your printer.
(And working on Canon MP140 too!)

(sorry my bad english)
garasz from Hungary

Anonymous said...

sanks From Ukraine it works

Anonymous said...

Russia suks :) не найшов жодної фрі проги на рус сайтах

Anonymous said...

helo, why my Reset Platen and Reset Plate MPtool is not work?

Zan-Di said...

I often receive questions. MPTool sometimes does not work with it on some printers, the solution try to use manual reset

buddypress said...

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RIF said...

Download Mptool Resetter For Canon MP145,MP150,MP160,MP190,MP450

Before you could use sofware resetter to canon especially MP’s type like mp145,mp150,mp160,mp450 and that was other.There was several steps that must be carried out that is the manual reset.
this is the step of manual reset

Counter for Blogspot said...

Even after manual reset it doesn't work.Can you tell few tips about manuall setting also.Any way thanks for the helpful post.

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