Manual Reset Procedure for Canon MP360/MP390

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Manual Reset Procedure for Canon MP360/MP390.
  1. Turn the printer on
  2. Press: “Additional Functions” button then press "Scan", "Copy", "Scan"
  3. Now the printer enter to service mode “Service Mode / #1 SSSW"
  4. Press and hold “+” (right arrow) it will go #1 to #11, then “Service Report”, “Test Mode” and then press “Set.”
  5. Press and hold “+” (the right arrow) it will go from #1(DRAM) to #8 (Printer Test). Then press “Set”
  6. When the procedure finished “Please Wait” will be replaced by “-8-2+” then press “+” and it should say “-8-3+” and press “Set.”
  7. The screen now say “EEPROM Clear” (You may need press “Set” to go to the next step)
  8. "Select ink count" Press "Set"
  9. Press “Stop/Reset” button.
  10. Press the “On/Off” button. and then wait the printer to restart.